Praying For Israel - 61 Nights and Counting

Praying For Israel - 61 Nights and Counting!
On Tuesday, October 10, three days, after the terrible massacre in Israel and the start of the Hamas war, we gathered at Fair Haven to pray, as we had been doing each Tuesday for the last 7 1/2 years. The Spirit of the Lord was so sweet, and there was much fervency in prayer. Pastor Mike leaned over to me towards the end of the meeting and asked me and Don Dicus what we thought about coming back to pray the next night. It was the very thought that I had just moments before. So we did...some of us in person, some on Zoom. On Wednesday evening, the Lord helped so much that we knew that we couldn't let this go. We agreed to continue prayer the next evening...this time on Zoom only.

We didn't know what all this meant...only that the Lord was bidding us tarry and pray for His covenant people in Israel during the most distressing time in their 75-year history. Honestly, I thought that it was very possible that our crowd would drop off considerably after a few days. To my surprise and gratification, this didn't happen. As a matter of fact, it has grown.

At the time I am writing, we have prayed for sixty-one evenings (by God's grace) for Israel. I have counted 43 people who have joined us at least once during the last two months. Most of these "prayer warriors" have met with us many times. We seldom have a night when we have less than 18-20. We all have freedom to take a night or more off to care for our families and ourselves. The only compulsion is that which comes by the Holy Spirit. It is a "whosoever will" kind of thing. Yet, God's people keep returning...night after night after night. One of our precious intercessors stated the other night that we have become dearer to him that just about anyone else on earth...and I feel this way about each of them myself. So far, we have had seven states represented. As well, we have a dear pastor and his wife and son who have been joining us regularly from south India!

We have seen many answers to prayer. We have heard reports coming from Israel of many miracles. Bullets which miss all vital organs. One surgeon who came from New York said that injuries that she sees in Israel would have caused instant death back in NYC, but here they don't. One man was hit by RPG. His body should have disintegrated. Instead, his arms were blown off (so they thought). Yet, against all odds, they were able to save both of his arms. We have heard reports of 200 Muslims in Gaza having a dream of Jesus calling them...all on the same night! We have seen a shockingly low death count among IDF soldiers. Am I saying that we are responsible for any of this? By no means! But God, who hears and answers our prayers and the prayers of countless other Christians and Jews around the world, responds when His people pray!

By God's grace, we will continue to pray until the Lord makes it clear that we are to stop or the war is won.  Jesus has helped us to not be weary in well doing. But there is room for more! If you would like to join us any night at 7 pm central, please feel free to reach out to me and I would be glad to send you a link. Just today, I gave my number to a young lady in Taco Bell who wants to pray with us. If you feel called to this, even for one night, send me an email at or text me at 812-622-0342. You don't have to sit on the sidelines...get in the game!

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Erin - December 11th, 2023 at 12:47pm

Beautifully written and a wonderful and noteworthy purpose. 🙏🏼